Buckwheat salad with lamb's lettuce, pomegranat seeds, goat chee

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Homemade granola with nuts and coconut with berries and milk in a white plate. Clean eating concept.

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Salad with quinoa, zucchini and arugula in wooden bowl on the wo

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"I became a client of Rebecca’s eight months ago, knowing I needed to change my diet in order to improve my health. I have been amazed at how easy this has been under Rebecca’s gentle guidance and the results have been fantastic.I have more energy and all aspects of my health have shown a great improvement. I have even lost weight incidentally, without trying to or starving myself. In fact, I am loving the new recipes Rebecca has provided.Rebecca has taught me how to eat well and healthily and to understand which foods to choose and why. She had definitely changed my life for the better. I can’t thank her enough."


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