The Seasonal Wellbeing Programme

Starting February 2024

These courses are an opportunity to discover how a holistic approach to your wellbeing can help you to improve your health and feel more in control of your wellbeing. 

Learn how different aspects of our lifestyle and eating habits are all interlinked and how by making small changes you can bring about significant benefits to how you are feeling. 

These courses integrate health coaching which enables you to explore what is that you would really like and how certain habits or thought patterns can help or hinder your progress towards making changes. 

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My Menopause Workshop

Coming soon

This six-week course is packed full of information, tips and tools that can help you to feel more in control of your transition through menopause.

More and more women want to understand what is happening to their body and how they can support themselves to manage symptoms. Whether you are just starting to think about this phase, are noticing something changing or are experiencing the full-on symptoms associated with transition these workshops offer a holistic approach to caring for your unique body.

Closeup view of woman with illustration of abdominal organs on her belly against light blue background

Gut Healthy!

Coming soon

You aren’t just what you eat but you are what you absorb from what you eat!

Gut health is now understood to be fundamental to health. If you have a sneaking suspicion that your gut health is letting you down or you have symptoms that you haven’t been able to sort out yourself these workshops are here to help.

Gain an understanding of how your digestive processes work and why it is important. Not only your food choices  but your lifestyle influences digestion so we will look at how you can make improvements to support good gut health.


Monthly Coaching Online Group

We are all bombarded with conflicting and confusing messages about how to live a healthier lifestyle, and knowing where to start can be difficult. However, putting the right choices in place and keeping these changes as new and permanent habits can be even more of a challenge.

This coaching group can help you understand your behaviours, habits and the processes involved in making changes. You can identify why you might find these changes difficult and how to move barriers and unhelpful beliefs out of the way, allowing you to move forward and sustain healthier choices long-term.

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