Nutritional Therapy

A Personalised Approach

Thankfully we are all very different from one another making the world a diverse and fascinating place. Nutritional therapy takes this into account with a personalised approach to health, focusing on you and your own individual food and lifestyle choices and health history.

As a nutritional therapy practitioner, I will assess your current and historical dietary and lifestyle habits, as well as looking at potential genetic factors, to investigate the underlying causes of your symptoms. Using an evidence-based, scientific, whole-body approach and often working alongside medical practitioners the aim is to promote optimal health and well-being through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Making effective behavioural and habitual changes can be difficult in isolation so I will work with each client to create an action plan specific to them taking into account their food preferences and lifestyle. I offer additional support by integrating coaching techniques into each session to motivate and encourage clients to recognise their achievements and notice the results of their efforts.

Nutritional Therapy

As well as seeing a client for a consultation I spend time assessing their diet and health story and providing personalised reports. I also ensure that I am staying up to date with scientific and research developments in nutrition science. Making changes to diet and lifestyle requires a commitment and collaboration between a nutritional therapy practitioner and client for it to be effective. This is why I prefer not to offer single consultations but have created packages suitable for a variety of requirements as these tend to be more effective. However, if none of these packages is what you're looking for please go ahead and book a free discovery call with me and we can discuss a plan of action together.

One-to-one Nutritional Therapy Consultations

Behaviour changes take the commitment of time, effort and consistency in order to see significant and lasting results and it can take several months of work to achieve your health goals.

This is why I prefer to work with clients over a minimum period of six weeks in order to get results. I have put together three packages, including coaching calls and support throughout this period to ensure that you stay on track. Please click here to see the packages on offer.

However, I am flexible in my approach and can offer consultations to suit your needs and affordability.

Option 1

An initial consultation will last 90 minutes and this will include a follow-up action plan, meal suggestions and guidance for making healthy choices, supplement suggestions, functional testing suggestions and relevant handouts. Online consultations £140. In-person consultations £155.

Option 2

If a package doesn't work well for you then an initial consultation followed by a catch-up consultation may work better. This includes an initial consultation, action plan, meal suggestions, guidance for making healthy choices, supplement suggestions, functional testing suggestions and relevant handouts as well as a 50 minute online consultation to assess progress and answer any questions. Both consultations online £170. Initial consultation in-person £185.

Follow-up Consultations

Follow-up consultations include a follow-up email with adjustments to the action plan and further suggestions. These can only be booked after an initial consultation.  45 mins - £50. 60 mins - £65.


Click here to book a discovery call with me.

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