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How to switch to a wholefood diet

If you’re trying to eat a healthier diet – firstly well done and keep going.

However, this goal can be difficult to achieve as many of us live in an environment where eating healthy food is limited for various reasons. These can be due to affordability, not living near to stores which sell healthy food, lack of time to buy, prepare and even eat good food and lack of knowledge and skills in understanding what and how to eat foods.

The simplest change you can make to radically transform your diet is to reduce the amount of processed and pre-packaged and replace it with wholefoods. These foods may require a bit more of your time to buy, cook and prepare but with a small amount of knowledge it is easy to see how you can reclaim your food choices from the food manufacturers. Manufacturers of processed and pre-packaged foods are experts in selling us products that are very profitable for them to produce and are easy for us to consume but that are also not nutritious.

Trying to go all out and change everything all at once can be overwhelming and end up being a bit of a shock to the system. Try swapping out one meal a week that you would usually buy readymade and prepare something from scratch yourself. Choose a recipe that isn’t daunting to you and doesn’t have too many ingredients and won’t take ages to cook. The more familiar you get with a new recipe the easier it will seem to prepare, and you can then try to swap another ready meal gradually building up steadily to include more and more wholefoods. Try these recipe suggestions for healthy swaps.

In making this change you’ll be providing your body with increased nutrients and won’t be regularly overloading it with highly processed and unnecessary ingredients which are there to make foods last longer on the shelf and to taste good even though they’re not good for you.

Check out some of my quick and easy recipes that have minimal ingredients and quick to make and are packed with nourishing nutrients that will leave you feeling not only satisfied but feeling good about your food choices. Meal prepping is an excellent way to get your food ready for up to a whole week in advance and only taking a bit of forethought, planning and preparation. Take a look at my meal prep article for tips and tricks for planning ahead and eating well.

Or if you’d like to overhaul your dietary habits, see what you’re doing well and where there is room for improvement book a dietary analysis consultation with me here

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